Monthly Archives: November 2008

Family and commitment

Many of the people  I interview came to England, leaving behind their families and looking for a better life. South Asia had plenty to offer, but in the 50′ and 60’s after the partition of Pakistan and India the doors were open to go to England and work, earn money so they could come back and build better homes for themselves in the birthland. So forty years on what happened? Still living in England doing manual labour jobs, working all hours of the day only having been back 2 or 3 times what stopped them from going back to see their parents and siblings? Well parents had died, brothers and sisters moved on and their life and culture had become imbedded with Britishness. Children now see themselves as not ‘British Asian’, but ‘British’ born and bred here, what else were they? The dual cultures exist, traditional food is eaten not only at home but throughout the town- curry is a national dish, cultural events celebrated we see Eid and Diwali lights up as well as Christmas lights and jobs are worked by people of all background and cultures. So is this what our parents and grandparents paved for us? This is the better life they wanted!

Tell me about your experiences… what was it like growing up? Where your family is from? and how do you see yourself in terms of your heritage?