European Elections

The British National Party (BNP) have gained their first ever seats in Parliament and despite their clear membership regulations, only allowing “indigenous British ethnic groups deriving from the class of Indigenous Caucasian descendents to join the party” cited Guardian 2009, the BNP now have a say in European policies. Britain is now an ethnically diverse country with ethnic minorities from all over the world and many British English are proud of their dual heritage.

After the Second World War immigration became visible with regards to the colour of a person’s skin, after the migration of hundreds of people from the West Indies and South Asia; this continued migration from all over the world became less and less visible with more recent migration from Europe and Poland and now immigrants are similar in appearance. The BNP policies of ‘indigenous Caucasians are questionable as even English heritage has its dilution of Jutes, Angles Saxons and Romans, from which the Angles and Saxons were from Denmark and Germany.

So how does the majority of Britain feel in relation to giving the BNP two seats in the European Parliament? Is this a sign of things to come for the ethnic minorities or is it just a political cry for help? How do the many South Asians, Irish, Europeans and others born and bred in Britain feel towards the notion of someone telling them to go home? Where is home – I though it was Britain. These residents, descending from migrants, have no other country other than Britain. This is their birthplace, culture and now heritage. Despite many having dual heritages; many have not seen the place where their parents or grandparents originate from so how can they be told to go back home?

Parliamentary seats going to the BNP are said to be a result of people not voting, let’s hope this is the case.


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