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Looking across the ocean we see the inauguration of Barak Obama, he has beeen sworn in as president of the United States of America; the first African American president. This person places ‘United’ into another element in which Black and Asian people everywhere will look at themselves and say ‘we are united, anything is possible’. People of all races, religions and creeds, people from different states and continents will look at themselves and think this is achievable we could be President or Prime Minister; it gives us hope for ourselves and for our future generations. 


Researching South Asians in Huddersfield and seeing the diversity within Huddersfield and Yorkshire, shows how far the minority communities have come; working initially in manual labour jobs, leaving behind families and now being able to achieve highly skilled jobs makes you understand the sacrifice the previous generations have done was worthwhile, paving the way for us and future Barak Hussein Obamas.