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The Corner Shop

Sweets, chocolates

Sweets, chocolates

I have fabulous memories of the corner shop as a child, this was the place where we, my siblings and I would sneak into before we got home, load up on chocolates and then go home for tea. It was a ritual; school, catch the bus home and then down to the local corner shop before home. To be fair it was more of a newsagent than a corner shop, well a newsagent on a corner and still is to this date, the Asian owners are still the same, but it is now manned by the next generation. As a child and young teen I’d be there almost everyday, I hardly go in any more…


The best thing about going into the local shop was seeing the array of sweets and spending ages choosing one. These were the days when Mars bars were 10p and a can of fizzy was 25p…. in reality it was probably the closest i’d get to Charlie’s’ chocolate factory in Huddersfield.

Boys mehndi – food and more food

Even though the family is from Huddersfield and lives in Huddersfield, the boy’s Mehndi was the only event actually held in Huddersfield. Now firstly, there was a big debate about where we should hold the event; my dad wanting to hold the mehndi at the Pakistani Community Centre on Clare Hill and I wanting it at the Hudawi Cultural Centre on Great Northern Street. Both venues are completely different size wise and atmosphere, most people now choose the Hudawi centre as it is bigger and hall like, but no matter how hard I tried to persuade my dad, like always dad stuck to his guns and won – his argument was that I had my mehndi there, my brother had his so it was now tradition ??!! So this was where the boy’s mehndi was held.

We started off at my mum’s house dipping strawberries, grapes and various other fruits into milk and white chocolate…mmmm for the rasom (in which aunties, cousins feed the groom traditionally Indian sweets, but we replaced them with a fruit assortment [only as many of us don’t have a taste for them] then the guests place henna on the palm and give small amounts of money, which will be given to charity). Once we had everything for the rasom we made our way to the Community Centre to set up the stage and general décor. We had a green and yellow balloon arch with a green, yellow and gold back drop and yellow chrysanthemums on each table setting. Yellow and green are traditional mehndi colours…

So my brother came in dressed plainly and the sisters and cousins walked him in carrying a red deputta (scarf) over him. The reason for this I don’t know but I think red signifies marriage as this is the traditional colour for the bride’s outfit. Once he was seated, we brought in our henna plates and did a little dance before placing the plates with tea lights in front of him… photo opportunity… next the rasom again more photos and after the food… no pics here everyone was too busy enjoying the food LOL.

After this we all went home to carry on with the dancing and merriment on the last day of singlehood….

Countdown to the wedding begins x