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The Corner Shop

Sweets, chocolates

Sweets, chocolates

I have fabulous memories of the corner shop as a child, this was the place where we, my siblings and I would sneak into before we got home, load up on chocolates and then go home for tea. It was a ritual; school, catch the bus home and then down to the local corner shop before home. To be fair it was more of a newsagent than a corner shop, well a newsagent on a corner and still is to this date, the Asian owners are still the same, but it is now manned by the next generation. As a child and young teen I’d be there almost everyday, I hardly go in any more…


The best thing about going into the local shop was seeing the array of sweets and spending ages choosing one. These were the days when Mars bars were 10p and a can of fizzy was 25p…. in reality it was probably the closest i’d get to Charlie’s’ chocolate factory in Huddersfield.