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New photos of Huddersfield

Huddersfield Railway Station and St Georges Square, March 2010

Huddersfield Railway Station and St Georges Square, March 2010


Take a look at the new images of Huddersfield added to the Asian Voices website, including the new look St Georges Square, The Empire Cinema which was popular in the 1960’s and still stand today. Also see if you can see the symbols of the British Empire on the buildings which have been around since the 1800’s. 


Accents in ‘uddersfield

View of Castle Hill from Sikh Temple in Springwood

View of Castle Hill from Sikh Temple in Springwood

With transport being so readily available and travel instant, people are diluting their accents to an acceptable form as they are no longer restricted to living and working in one town or city. I am born and bred in ‘uddersfield, and with fellow Yorkshire men and lasses my accent will go back to the Yorkshire form it should be, but in the workplace and even on the phone I find I am speaking the way one should… but how should one speak? and how long will we be able to keep our regional accents and dialects without diluting them to the extent they no longer exist?

Oral history is the way in which this can be preserved. For years now oral historians have been recoding and archiving hundreds if not thousands of interviews with people on subjects of the past. Going back to World War I and the experience of the soldiers in the trenches, World War II and the migration of the South Asian community after the collapse of the British Empire. Here are just a few of the subject areas in which people have delved into, but listening back to the sound archives makes you appreciate the language and tones in which ordinary people communicated in. How times have changed, how diverse language has become, with the Oxford dictionary taking on new words constantly, words originating from across cultures and continents, it is something to think of. Try recording your older generations on your phone and see if you can catch a glimpse of the past through their voice.

Yorkshire in Pictures

Leeds Mela 2009Asian Artists

Indian elephant


Yorkshire events in pictures, 2009.

Hen Party – Asian style

Mehndi platesOk, so I still have a headache and my legs are aching from the night of dancing but can I tell you it was fun. Going to the girls side for the mehndi was fab! It took us a two and a half hours to drive up to the venue with the car laden with gift baskets full of flower garlands, mehndi (henna), oil, mehndi plates, fruit, mati (Asian sweets) and clothes.

Now the Mehndi was to start at 6pm, but we were told to come for 6.30pm so the girl’s side could set up. Now Asian time never means on time (we are always late, no matter what time we set off!!!) So I did do well I dropped my dad of at their house at 6pm and then went to the airport to pick up my sister-in-law who came from the exotic location of…London LOL and arrived at the venue at 6.45pm when the heavens opened and it started to pour, not rain but pour!! So we are sat in the car waiting to go in, but the girls side are not ready and we are eager to get inside and get everything ready (henna and candles in the mehndi plates) and everyone can take in their assigned baskets (mine was the flower garlands as I am the older sis).

Ok, so we get the go ahead and they have lit candles inMendhi Plates beautiful green mirrored candle holders outside the door (in the rain) and we go in carrying our baskets with the young girls holding the mehndi plates with tea lights infront. Now we are welcomed with rose petals and flower bracelets and we go in. Then we wait for the bride to be, she comes in dressed in a traditional yellow salwar kameez with green flowering, but has no jewellery or make-up on ( she has to wait till the wedding day).

Now this is where I come in with my basket and myself, sister and sister-in-law take the tray and place the garlands on her. We gave her a flower garland necklace, earrings and bracelets…she looked beautiful (by the way the garlands were yellow chrysanthemums with a single red rose which has a diamond on the middle (my sister and I spent the night before making them!).

I will put pictures up ASAP.

Then there is the RASOM – tradition in which each guest place a little oil on the bride to be’s head, henna in her palm (she was holding a fresh green leaf to receive the henna as it colours a deep orange if place on skin) feed her fruit or mati and then give some money, which will be given to charity and that is that. Once all the 100 guests or so do that we can eat a delicious buffet consisting of naan, curry- meat, chick peas and a vegetable one, rice and a traditional rice pudding for dessert mmmm.

Now it’s about 10pm and we are all full wondering what happened to the dancing because a) we were full and b) we were going to learn but my family, aunt cousins are spread over Yorkshire, Scotland and London so we didn’t get to practice anyway wishing and hoping no one asked they started to clear the space for dancing and began to do their dances choreographed to Asian music – very good. Then everyone got up mums, aunties and we had a ball!

This was the end of the night… and the boy’s side left to drive back to their respective homes from which we got back at 2pm.

One event completed four more to go mehndi, wedding, walima and civil ceremony…watch this space x

Next the boys Mehndi!

Anyone from Kirklees interested in sharing their wedding story get in touch and it could be placed in audio for on the Asian Voices website!!!